coronavirus italy

Since Italy has reported a large number of deaths due to the coronavirus, people in rural areas whose family members are in this European country are highly worried. They have been making wild calls to their friends and family. A farmer from Mehatpur village, Gurtej Singh, stated his brother-in-law works in a factory in Italy.

A city-based copyist, who alongside his wife and two children was to go to New York, has said he has suffered a loss over Rs 2.9 lakh on the record of air tickets, which he had bought for his family visit.  Nikhil Sharma, who owns a news portal, said since both his toddler kids are the citizens of the US, they would not be allowed to reenter the country amidst restrictions imposed by the Government of India.

As a feature of careful steps being taken to check the spread of the coronavirus, the specialists have chosen to close Pushpa Gujral Science City for general society till March 31. Likewise, the Jang-e-Azadi Memorial has additionally been closed till March 31.

“He had pinged me three days prior. He disclosed to me that since everything is closed down, they are confined to their homes. He revealed to me that the production line where he works had been closed down. So, at present, there is no source of income, which is another reason to stress,” he added.

His brother-in-law had already brought some of the eatables when the news of coronavirus broke out the town.

The case further added that Manjit Rai from Hoshiarpur on Monday called up his sibling in Italy. “There is a ton of alarm among individuals in light of Covid-19. As indicated by my sibling, on the off chance that anybody moves out of their home, they need to take authorization from the police. My sibling has disclosed to me that coronavirus cases had flooded and individuals there are freezing a great deal. Yet, we have been guiding him to try to avoid panicking,” further added by Rai.

A wide variety of international travelers are not wholly solely aware of the whole situation because of a lack of updation regarding coronavirus outbreak. So, for the same is working devotedly to inform the audience about the happenings in the immigration industry” said by official.

A rancher from Rurka Kalan stated, “When I don’t speak with my family members in Italy for any event, for a day, several thoughts begin running in my brain.”

“The pandemic has just frightened everybody. Indeed, even here in our town, we ensure that we practice social separating. However, in Italy, it is exceptionally hard to secure themselves. I am concerned for my siblings and nephews,” he included.