When you think about studying abroad what factors you keep in your mind?

  • Internationally recognized university
  • Quality
  • Safe environment
  • Cost-effective studies
  • Welcoming multicultural environment

Canada is the only one country in this world where you can find all these and much more thereby making it the most preferred study destination among students.

Education System in Canada: Education system in Canada is much like America and Britain education system. Here in Canada, there are mainly three types of institutions:

  • Private Universities: Mostly funded by research grants and donations, private universities in Canada are not funded by the government.
  • Public Universities: Public universities are run by federal, territorial and provincial government funding besides receiving the tuition fees from the students.
  • Liberal Arts College: These are similar to that in the USA; these are either public or private colleges focusing only on the undergraduate courses in liberal art.

Study Options in Canada: There are three academic intakes in colleges/universities in Canada; summer, fall, winter. Summer lasts from May to August, Fall- September to December, Winter- January to April.

International students are advised to apply at the earliest as admissions and scholarships get more competitive closer to the deadline.

The Number of Study Programs to choose from:

  • Diploma or Certificate-three or four years
  • Undergraduate-three or four years
  • Postgraduate-two years
  • PhD-four or five years

The price tag for higher studies in Canada is approximately half compared with other leading study destinations. Tuition fees vary from college to college. Normally, students will have to spend 10,000–40,000 $CAD per year.

There are two types of scholarships in Canada for international students:


NSERC postgraduate scholarship and Canada Graduate Scholarship


Trudeau Scholarship and Fellowship and Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship

Benefits of studying in Canada:

  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Varied Options: You can choose from small or big universities and city or small town universities
  • Great health care benefits
  • Affordable education and living
  • Safe Country
  • Multicultural Environment
  • Scholarships
  • Job Opportunities
Written by Jasleen Kaur