australia study visa cancelled

Most of the Indian students had their visas cancelled last year for a wide variety of reasons, including for offering false documents and non-compliance with visa conditions. According to the Department of Home Affairs, most of the students from India experienced for over 1,100 cancellations, behind those from China and South Korea.

Indian student Lovepreet Singh had his Student Visa cancelled for failing to enroll himself in a registered course within six months of arriving in Australia. While cancelling his visa in May 2019, the Tribunal found out that this person was not a genuine student and that his whole intention to reside in Australia was not at all for the study. The Federal Circuit Court present in Australia also upheld the decision of the Tribunal citing several breaches of his Student Visa conditions.

The whole data further reveals that a total of 1157 Indian students lost their student visas, accounting for the third-largest number of cancellations in the year 2018-2019, followed by students from China (4,686) and South Korea (1,503).

A Melbourne-based migration agent, Navjot Singh Kailay told SBS Punjabi that “non-compliance with visa conditions” is one of the most common reasons that come out in cancellations. Among the 17,819 Student Visas that Australia cancelled in 2019, 8,913 were male, and the remaining 6,129 were female. All the applicants were in the age group of 18 to 34 years.

Students must be fully aware that breaching visa conditions can gradually result in serious consequences. However, those who are compliant have nothing to fear about this. Such visa cancellations should not put you off your dream of studying on an international level. Rather, you should thoroughly research your whole visa conditions and move forward in the right direction.

Mr. Khaira said that while he strongly believes students must be fully aware of the “serious” outcomes of breaching visa conditions. However, he further stated that this should not stop students from choosing Australia as their “preferred destination.”

“While the cancellation of Australia student visas is a serious type of issue that requires to be addressed by experts and agents alike, it must not discourage budding students from studying in this splendid country.

“They should rather consider it as a world full of a wide variety of opportunities, which it has been from past so many years, given the experience of myriads of Indians who went to Australia on study visas, and now call the country as their home,” Mr. Khaira added.

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