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Canada’s economy added 419,000 jobs in July and the unemployment rate dropped from 13% to 10.9% – this rate is expected to drop significantly as the economy and the borders fully open. The most jobs in Canada were added to the provinces of Ontario (151, 000), Quebec (98, 000), British Columbia (70, 000), and Alberta (68, 000).

According to Statistics Canada, Abbotsford-Mission (8.8%) in British Columbia shows the lowest unemployment rate of all major cities. The June 2020 report also reveals that Ottawa (9%) and Moncton (9.1%) follow suit in second and third place. In addition, the maritime provinces experienced the lowest job loss rates during the pandemic.

Which City Has the Most Job Opportunities in Canada?

With 70, 000 new jobs added to British Columbia’s economy in the past few months combined with a low unemployment rate, it’s safe to say that the province currently has the most job opportunities to offer newcomers – especially in its fifth-largest city, Abbotsford-Mission that boasts the lowest unemployment rate of all major cities in Canada.

Abbotsford is a large city east of Vancouver. It’s famous for its agri-activities, low housing costs, cheap gas, and the University of British Columbia. It’s also home to the third-highest population of immigrants after Toronto and Vancouver. Many Filipino, Korean and Spanish immigrants choose to settle in the city. The biggest industries in Abbotsford are agriculture, manufacturing, aerospace, and surprisingly, the film industry. The city attracts lots of filming projects and is affectionately known as Abbywood.

Of all major cities, Abbotsford experienced the lowest job loss during the pandemic. This could be due to the fact that many residents are employed in the large agri-food sector that provides a diverse selection of food products globally, including wine and seafood.

There is a wide range of jobs available in British Columbia, particularly technology, healthcare, education, agriculture, and intermediate skilled occupations like receptionists, truck drivers, and machine operators. Explore a complete list of in-demand occupations in British Columbia for immigration purposes.

3 Steps to Work in Canada

Step 1. Find a Job in Canada

Typically, in order to work in Canada with a work permit, you must first secure a job offer for temporary employment in Canada. There are many great job sites such as Indeed, Monster Canada, and eJobbo with thousands of jobs listed right now.

Step 2. Discover Alternative Visa Options

Canada has more than 100 different immigration and visa programs – possibly the most of any other country! For this reason, it can be tricky to narrow down your best options to work in Canada. Some of these programs may not even require that you obtain a valid job offer.

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Step 3. Apply with the Help of Professionals

Choosing to work in Canada with the help of certified consultants not only means that you’ll receive tailored advice on which program is best for you based on your needs and goals but all your paperwork will be taken care of and your final application will be optimized and submitted by seasoned professionals.