uscis new website form

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services today launched a new online website form to help the public provide the agency with quality information about immigration fraud.

The new online form, present on the USCIS public website, prompts the form user for the great information that the USCIS’ fraud investigators require to investigate allegations of immigration benefit fraud or abuse.

“One way we can protect our immigration system is by making it easy for the whole public to report immigration fraud and abuse,” stated by Joseph Edlow, the deputy director for policy at USCIS.

“Safeguarding the entire integrity of our immigration industry is top most priority for the Trump administration and is central to the agency’s mission,” added Joseph Edlow, the USCIS deputy director for policy.

The new type of online tip form collects information related to the relevant fraud, identifies the type of benefit in question and offers space for the form user to describe the alleged fraud or abuse in additional detail. This online form streamlines fraud reporting by replacing three types of email boxes USCIS now uses for fraud and abuse reporting.

“Highly increasement in Fraud cases in immigration sector is depleting the who image of this industry. So, it’s the responsibility of a normal citizen to be aware and become a hurdle for such fake immigration fraudsters. So, to spread awareness Visa Monthly is devotedly working to inform the audience about the happenings in the immigration industry” said by official.

The whole tip form will make the tip process more efficient and valuable. Every day, well-intentioned people try to report wide variety of immigration fraud or abuse to us, but our own internal procedures did not allow for a consistent and timely way to respond.

Some of the statements are true while others are not, but USCIS required a better way to gather information and make an assessment. USCIS will highly work on tips previously submitted by email to completion.

It is not required to resubmit a tip via the online tip form if you previously submitted it via email. People who submit tips by email after USCIS closes the email boxes will devotedly receive a bounce-back message letting them know that USCIS has decommissioned the mailbox and giving them a link to the tip form.