international students in canada

International students in the US have to follow a lot of rules: They are only allowed to work part-time, on-campus jobs if they maintain a full course load and they prove that they can pay for tuition and living costs. The new regulation, as per Forbes, would set a limit to stay in the US for international students. According to these rules, there would be a “maximum period of authorized stay” for all the international students.

International students would need to get a permit for every transition in their work and study-related plans. If the academic career of an international student is taking longer than earlier presumed, they would require to go through the same process as those going from undergraduate to graduate programs. But under the Trump administration, these students are facing new administrative obstacles, some proposed and some already in effect. There’s been a high increase in student application fees and new ways to punish students who break the conditions of their visas, even if the violation was inadvertent. And there’s severe scrutiny over permit programs that allow students to get work in the US after graduating from their chosen course.

These rules and regulations have drastically altered the whole policy landscape for international students in the United States over the past two years. Advocates say the new rules are restricting and creating a fearful factor for student visa holders’ abilities to enter the US, keep up their legal status in the country, and ultimately obtain permits to work in the United States.

“There are enormous ways to violate status, and many of these ways are, for many international students, it’s very hard for us to know,” stated by Jesus Cruz-Garza, an international student from Mexico who is getting his doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Houston. “Most of us are not legal experts, so it’s possible to violate your status without knowing it.”

It is crystal clear, that nearly half of all international students in the US are from countries like India and China. Nearly 363,341 international students present in the US are from China and 196,271 present in US are from India. The Trump Govt. consolidated stance on students is a policy memorandum by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that went into effect in August 2018. Currently, international students can stay in the United States as long as their visa is valid. This means that as long as they are enrolled in a study program, and keep up their non-immigrant status, they can stay in the US.

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