Emergency appointment slots are available for US Non-Immigration Visas at Mumbai Embassy.

Such an emergency appointment is also generally referred to as an “expedited appointment” under regular circumstances.

Unforeseen travel need – due to any of the 4 reasons mentioned below – might qualify an individual for an expedited appointment. However, the emergency visa appointment request depends upon availability. As such, it is the right of the Embassy to either grant or deny the request for the emergency appointment.

Do keep in mind that only 1 expedited appointment request can be made by an applicant.

Before applying for an expedited or emergency appointment with the US Embassy, an applicant must ensure that they have the required documentary evidence for successfully proving the emergency.

If, during the course of the visa interview, it is found that the applicant had misrepresented the reasons for requesting urgent travel, that will be duly noted on their file and might adversely impact the outcome of their visa application.

All applicants that request an emergency appointment will be required to “first pay visa fees for a regular visa appointment”. Those applicants that are granted an expedited appointment but later refused a visa at the US Embassy/Consulate cannot utilize the option for securing another expedited appointment.

Reasons considered for requesting emergency visa appointments

ReasonsDescriptionEssential Documentation
Medical needsFor obtaining urgent medical care, or accompanying an employer or relative for the purposes of urgent medical care.1. Letter from a doctor in India stating the medical condition and the reason for seeking medical care in the US.2. Letter from doctor/hospital in the US stating they are prepared to provide treatment. An approximate cost of treatment will also be required.3. Proof as to how the applicant will be paying for medical treatment.
Death or FuneralFor attending funeral of or for making arrangements for bringing back the body of an immediate family member – father, mother, sister, brother, child – in the US.1. Letter from the funeral director giving contact information, details of the deceased, as well as the date of the funeral.2. Evidence proving that the deceased is an immediate relative of the applicant.
Urgent business travelFor attending an urgent business matter wherein the travel requirement could not have been foreseen.1. Letter of invitation from the relevant company in the US, or2. Proof of a required training program in the US of 3 months’ or less in duration.
Students or exchange visitorsFor either beginning or resuming a valid program of study in the US within 60 days in situations where no regular visa appointments are available.Option only for those within 60 days of their start date. Such applicants also must not have been refused a US visa within the previous 6 months.Original Form I-20 or DS-2019 clearly mentioning the start date of the study program in the US within 60 days.

Reasons NOT considered for requesting expedited appointments at the US Embassy

Attending wedding ceremonies
Attending graduation ceremonies
Assisting pregnant relatives
Last-minute tourism
Participating in annual conference that can be academic, business, or professional

Note. – For such kind of travel to the US, regular visa appointments will be required.

Step-wise process for applying

STEP 1: Paying the visa application fee.
STEP 2: Completing the Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application form [DS-160]
STEP 3: Scheduling an appointment online.
STEP 4: An e-mail alert received, if the request is approved.
STEP 5: Visiting the US Embassy/Consulate on the date and time of visa interview.

Note. – At the visa interview, the applicant will be required to bring along – [1] visa fee payment receipt, [2] current passport, [3] old passport[s], [4] 1 photo taken within previous 6 months, [5] Form DS-160 confirmation page, and [6] printed copy of appointment letter. Applications without all of these will be refused.