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The outbreak of COVID-19 is announced as an emergency situation for all the world. The World Health Organization has expressed the Coronavirus outbreak as a worldwide pandemic. The Trump-led Govt. of the US, as a preventive strategy, has prohibited the entry of 26 European nations. Every one of these nations is the member states of the Schengen Zone of Europe.

The ban has authoritatively become effective from 12 PM of thirteenth March 2020. The entry ban is just on international travelers to the US. Residents of the UK, Ireland and different nations that are not a part of the Schengen Zone would not be influenced. US residents going from the European Schengen Zone to the US would likewise stay unaffected.

Donald Trump President of the US reported that alongside the traveling limitations, travel and import from each of the 26 nations of the Schengen Zone would likewise be restricted. In any case, White House authorities amended the mistake inside a couple of moments expressing that solitary explorers would be influenced by the ban and not goods. The travel ban is expected to last 30 days.

Trump’s decision to ban entry has not gone down well with EU pioneers. Leaders and ambassadors of the EU have blamed Trump for not counseling them before taking such an important decision. Accordingly, Trump stated that the US needed to act rapidly and blamed the EU for not taking satisfactory measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

A few specialists believe that Trump’s ban on European nations is trivial. Francois Balloux, Epidemiologist at University College of London, stated that the European restriction is completely pointless from a general wellbeing viewpoint. Acquiring a couple of additional individuals after you have lost the capacity to do any contact following would have no effect.

Jennifer Nuzzo, Epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University, stated that the ban could be risky as of now. More than 40 states in the US have revealed positive Coronavirus cases. The US ought to be increasingly worried about reducing the effect of the novel Coronavirus inside its own borders.

The US has exposed the report by stating that it has 1,832 positive cases of the Coronavirus up until this point. 135 lives have been guaranteed by the dangerous outbreak. Just 31 individuals have fully recuperated from the Coronavirus in the US, while 10 are still critical.

There have been more than 138,193 affirmed cases of Coronavirus everywhere throughout the world. 5,080 individuals have lost their lives. Fortunately, very nearly 70,716 individuals have totally recovered.

“As the risk of death is rising towards So, to protect yourself from the outbreak of Coronavirus you are required to stay aware of every update about this virus. Presently, to aware people about the deepness of the situation, is publishing all the updates to inform the travelers and make them safe. ,” said an official.

China is the most affected nation on the planet with 80,815 positive instances of the Coronavirus. Italy follows on the second spot with 15,113 cases and Iran on third with 11,364 cases. South Korea has additionally been seriously affected by 7,979 cases. Spain, Germany, and France are likewise among the most exceedingly terrible hit with 3,921, 3,116 and 2,876 cases respectively.