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The whole education sector of UK is elated that post-study work rights are set to be provided to all the international students for two years post-graduation, 2020/21 marks the graduation time of students in the academic year set to benefit from this new type of immigration rule. Seven years after its abolition, the government of UK has re-instated the two-year post-study student work visa last September.

Under this new policy which will actually come into work from the summer of 2021, foreign students pursuing full-time study programs in the country like UK can stay back after completing their degree for up to two years to consider employment opportunities as a constant improvement on the earlier situation in which all study abroad aiming students get only four months to explore career options in the UK.

All the students enrolling in academic programs from the year 2020, stand out to benefit from this new rule.

“As there is huge rush of getting a work permit in UK for the same people forget to seek assistance from reliable immigration consultancy and bounce in the circle of fake immigration offices. In such cases Fee guards comes into action and offer best assistance to our budding youth of the country. Fee guards provide international students tuition fee protection coverage, safeguarding students and their families from such fraudsters. They offer full tuition fee refunds in these worst scenarios.” said by one of the spokespersons of Visa Monthly

As this new rule on work visa is separate from the Tier 4 student visa, as a study abroad aiming student, all the students must submit a fresh visa application.

What types of jobs can be applied under this type of visa?

The new work visa provides flexibility in terms of the type or strata of job for which an international student can file an application for after graduating. After the stipulated two years, those on the simplified graduate route can switch on to the skilled work route if they land a job which meets all the important skill requirement.

Indian student admission was particularly impacted by the post-study restrictions of UK, with corresponding huge growth in Indian enrollments in the country like Canada.

“In India last week, there was high press and student interest in the likelihood of this change day by day so I feel extremely confident that the announcement will result in a pure bounce in interest in the UK,” noted Stern.