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The finance website, WalletHub, has released its ranking for the best cities for jobs in the US. WalletHub surveyed and ranked 180 US cities based on 31 key indicators.

The US cities were scored on the “job market” ranking, which included job opportunities, starting salary, employment growth, job satisfaction, unemployment rate, etc.

A growing cities in the United States also had a “socioeconomic” rating to see how well workers actually worked in those areas. This included factors such as the average commute to work, median household income, housing affordability, and how well a certain town was equipped to raise a family, etc.

As per WalletHub, the best US city to find a new job in 2020 is Scottsdale in Arizona. Glassdoor, the job site, lists 67,809 available job positions in the city in high-growth industries like computer software, healthcare, and information technology.

The average household income of Scottsdale was pegged at $84,601 per year, as per the US Census Bureau. It is significantly higher than the national average household income of $63,179 in 2018.

Here are the best cities in the US to find a new job in 2020:

Scottsdale, Arizona

Total score: 65.50

Job market rank: 2

Socioeconomic rank: 4

South Burlington, Vermont

Total score: 65.47

Job market rank: 1

Socioeconomic rank: 10

San Francisco, California

Total score: 63.17

Job market rank: 3

Socioeconomic rank: 30

Austin, Texas

Total score: 61.82

Job market score: 6

Socioeconomic rank: 21

Fremont, California

Total score: 61.53

Job market score: 4

Socioeconomic rank: 67

Chandler, Arizona

Total score: 60.99

Job market rank: 8

Socioeconomic rank: 13

Boston, Massachusetts

Total score: 60.44

Job market rank: 5

Socioeconomic rank: 64

Tempe, Arizona

Total score: 60.07

Job market rank: 14

Socioeconomic rank: 11

Portland, Maine

Total score: 60.04

Job market score: 10

Socioeconomic rank: 26

Boise, Idaho

Total score: 59.29

Job market rank: 19

Socioeconomic rank: 8

January and February months have always been the most popular time to seek out a new job in the USA. According to the U.S. Labor Statistics Office, the U.S. has more than 7.3 million empty employment. The unemployment rate is estimated at only 3.5 percent in the US. This means there’s plenty of job opportunities for those looking for jobs in the US.

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