Indians are immigrating to overseas destinations for higher salaries and career progression. This has been revealed by the latest survey of HSBC. It has also revealed the top 10 highest paying overseas destinations. Switzerland is ranked number 1 in the list with an average annual salary of 202, 865 USD for overseas immigrants including Indians. The average annual salary hike in Switzerland is 61,000 USD. The HSBC survey further elaborates that an individual immigrating overseas for work normally adds 21,000 USD to their annual pay. This is adequate to purchase a new car, pay off normal household’s debt twofold or cater to 2 years rent.
The US is at the second rank in the list with 185, 119 USD pay package. The third position is secured by Hong Kong with 178, 706 USD.
S Ramakrishnan Head HSBC India – Wealth Management & Retail Banking said that immigrating overseas often implies hike in disposable income.
Discovering new life in an overseas location can be crucial to unlocking your creative potential says, Ramakrishnan. It could also assist to find work-life balance or advance career in a new path, he adds.
However, many overseas immigrants spend their initial months in overseas destinations in stress. This is because they do not plan their finances prior to immigration, explains the Head of HSBC India.
The survey by HSBC reveals that Sweden and Brazil are the top overseas destinations for creative work ambiance. Meanwhile, the US and the UK are top destinations for advancing careers, adds the HSBC survey.