australia permanent residency

Many international students and temporary migrants struggle a lot in day to day life especially in the countries like Australia to get permanent resident. They had to face many obstacles such as employment qualifications, education transcript and the known to be the difficult one- English language proficiency test.

Utmost try to pass the tests

These applicants try their level best to obtain all the necessary requirements at their first trial to save their time and energy. But unfortunately, the reality seems to have a different angle. They have been noted to be struggling the most in such tests which test their English skills. Though, they work their fingers to the bones to be qualified at their first attempt with all the documents and essentials, but they fail to do so.

Sydney resident Sakshi Mahajan came to Australia in 2008 from the south Indian city of Hyderabad to do a second master’s degree in accounting. She told Visa Monthly that she sat IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 33 times and spent $11,000 on fees alone before she was finally able to attain the score required to apply for her Australian permanent residency.

Now an Australian citizen, she says her repeated failure in the test caused immense damage to her self-esteem and mental state. She said there are many migrants caught up in this situation.

“I have seen students go back home because they couldn’t get the requisite score in IELTS. Their parents who struggled so much back in India, took loans for their children, are also devastated,” she said.

Crisis in struggler’s life

These failures lead to many crisis in their personal and social life. In the interactions done by Visa Monthly, it is found that out of all candidates taking the PTE for the purpose of migration sit the test 30 times or more, which not only affect them financially but also repeated failure demolish their self respect lowering their own beliefs.

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