Pamela Wilson, the USCIS Public Information Officer says that the process of becoming a US Citizen begins with obtaining a Green Card. Any Green Card holder is authorized to live and work lawfully in the US. They have the authority to travel and apply for Citizenship after 5 years. In case they are married to a US Citizen, after 3 years they can apply, explains Wilson.

Individuals can sill the N-400 Application Form after having resided in the US permanently for 3 to 5 years. It costs $ 725 and is the form for naturalizations. $85 for verifying the background and $ 640 for the application that is inclusive of other costs.

Subsequently, for taking fingerprints and their pictures, they must make an appointment first. Successful background verification is also must. as quoted by the Live 5 News. A one-on-one interview with the applicants will be conducted by the USCIS Officer.

In the same interview, the applicants are required to take an English and oral Civics exam. They must have the ability to converse proficiently in English and have to give correct answers to 10 questions. YouTube has a practice session with 100 Q & A to help in the preparation.

If the applicants successfully pass the oral test then the USCIS Officer approves the application and fulfill all other requirements. The final step is the Oath of Allegiance in the process of becoming a US Citizen.
USCIS wants to make the office paperless as it is planning to have all forms online by the year 2020. This will make the process more convenient and faster.

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