1. Indians in Asia: Nepal houses the most number of Indians on the continent of Asia. At 4 million, Indians compose almost 14.7% of the Nepalese population. Following Nepal is Saudi Arabia with almost 3 million Indian They make up almost 9.8% of the Saudi Arabian population. Malaysia houses almost 2.4 million Indians which make up almost 8.7% of its population. Compared to these countries, Kuwait has 580,000 Indians. However, Indians make up almost one-fourth (21.6%) of the Kuwaiti population.

2. Indians in Europe: The UK houses the most number of Indians in Europe with 1,451,862 Indians making up 2.3% of the population. Italy has about 150,000 Indians and the Netherlands has about 123,000.

3. Indians in South America: Almost 43% of the population of Guyana comprise of Indians, as per NRIOL. 327,000 Indians live in the country. Suriname has 135,000 Indians comprising almost 27.4% of the population.

4. Indians in North America/Caribbean: The USA has the most number of Indians on the North American continent. Almost 3,183,063 Indians call the US home comprising almost 1% of the population. Canada houses about 1,200,000 Indians which make up almost 3.54% of the Canadian population. Indians form almost 40.2% of the population of Trinidad and Tobago with 525,000 Indians living there.

5. Indians in Africa: South Africa has the most number of Indians on the African continent. 1.3 million Indians live in South Africa comprising 2.7% of the population. Indians make up an astounding 68.3% of the population of Mauritius. 885,000 Indians live on the island country of Mauritius. There are 220,000 Indians in Reunion (France) making up 28% of its population.

6. Indians in Oceania: More than 390,484 Indians have made Australia their home. Indians make up almost 2% of the Australian population. Fiji has about 340,000 Indians which makes up almost 40.1% of the Fijian population. New Zealand houses about 105,000 Indians comprising 2.6% of its population.
Source: https://currentaffairs.gktoday.in/india-largest-diaspora-population-world-report-12201750869.html