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According to the latest data, it has been seen a consequent rise in the number of Indian students enrolling in UK universities.

HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) of the UK released figures stating that the number of Indian students in the UK increased from 18,325 in 2014-15 to 26,685 in 2018-19. India has the most number of international students in the UK after China.

Director of UUKI (Universities UK International), Vivienne Stern, said that the 42% increase in the number of Indian students is noteworthy. The number of visa applications suggests that growth will continue to increase.

2-year Post-Study Work Visa Program has been brought back by the UK. In the future, this program is expectedly increasing the number of students from India in the UK.

China remains ahead of India in matters of countings in such universities. China accounts for the most number of international student enrolments in 2019 in the UK. From 89,500 Chinese students in the UK in 2014-15, the number has increased to more than 120,300 in 2018-19.

New figures released by HESA also show that there has been a 2 % increase in the number of EU students in the UK as the UK is preparing to leave the EU after Brexit. The number of international students from outside the EU in the United Kingdom rose by 10%.

UK Universities Minister said that the country is delighted to see the increase in the number of international students from both EU and non-EU countries. The UK aims to increase the number of international students to 600,000 by 2030.

The Minister also said that UK Universities thrive on being open, global institutions. This is why the UK had brought back the Post-Study Work Permit, which allows international students to stay back in the UK for two years after graduation.

The UK is going to launch the new “Graduate Visa” for the 2020-21 intake. The new Visa will allow foreign students to change over to Skilled Work Visa after two years, provided they find a job meeting the eligibility requirements.

The UK Government emphasized that the new Visa route will have safety measures ensuring only genuine, credible students qualify.

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