Canada is a country with a booming economy. It is the home to a large number of immigrants coming from all over the world. All of this because it offers a high standard of living and excellent growth opportunities employment wise as well as studies wise.

Thus, many people from India choose Canada as their first preference to live when they start scanning for opportunities after they complete their education. There is nothing that this country can’t offer. It has a corruption-free environment with mild immigration rules and social security privileges for PR holders.

So many people from India fly to Canada due to their own reasons. They are typically embraced with open arms as they join the workforce, reinforce any skill shortages and play a crucial role in the Canadian economy by boosting productivity, purchasing homes, using public transports etc.

Any Indian citizen thinking to immigrate to Canada will be directed to the wide range of immigration programs that are open for anyone who wishes to apply for permanent or temporary residency.

However, anyone applying for the immigration program must understand that there are some criteria that he/she needs to clear and score enough points to get considered for residency in Canada.

It also possesses a very distinct population that is rich in culture and each person has the supreme right to speak in their own language, follow their own culture or religion with complete freedom.

Reasons that why Canada is one from one of the best countries to live and work:

  • Canada comes under top 10 countries that are considered to be best in the world and the crime rate in Canada is low compared to other countries.
  • It has a very high rate of immigrants in the world.
  • Canada is considered as the multicultural country that makes it rich in culture, prosperity, and tradition. You can choose your own language, culture, and religion without any obligations.
  • It is different from other cold countries at is does not shut down in winters.
  • It is free from terrorism, corruption and other crimes.
Written by Jasleen Kaur