33 year old Simardeep Singh ‘ a Swan taxi driver’ rubbed the leg of a 20-year-old female passenger and also asked her questions about her sex life during the journey. he picked up an 18-year-old female passenger and stopped in a park, telling her he needed to check something on his vehicle. Singh then pinned his victim to a bench in the park and raped her.
While the sentencing Judge accepted Singh had a culture shock when he moved to Australia in 2008 because of a lack of sex education and women in his homeland dressed more conservatively, he was sentenced to serve a minimum of three and a half years in jail.
The Australian Border Force confirmed that Singh had been deported from Australia on Monday.
“The Australian Government takes its responsibility seriously to protect the community from the risk of harm arising from foreign nationals who choose to engage in criminal activity or other serious conduct of concern,” an ABF spokesperson told SBS Punjabi.
Source SBS Punjabi Written by Dr. Avtar Lit