oman tourist visa

Oman has taken a major step in suspending the issuance of tourist visas to all types of countries for whole month starting March 15, tweeted by Oman News Agency.

The committee has also made a statement that it will be effective on March 15, all sporting activities and non-class student activities will be stopped for a whole month. The 30-day ban also extends to cruise ships that are not allowed to enter Omani ports. The GCC state has also prohibited shisha similar to a measure imposed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

This splendid place has announced the suspension of all types of Tourist Visas starting 15th March 2020 for the whole one month. The suspension of Tourist Visas has been taken as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 outbreak. The whole sole decision to cancel all Tourist Visas was taken at an important committee meeting to tackle the rise of Coronavirus.

Here are several decisions are taken at the committee meeting, which was:

  1. Cancelation of Tourist Visas for all countries
  2. Suspension of all sports-related activities for students
  3. Suspension of all non-class related student activities. Undertake a wide variety of procedures in accordance with the latest COVID-19 pandemic data.
  4. Stop cruise liners from docking at the ports of Oman
  5. Limit the attendance at court to only the focused parties
  6. Prohibiting shisha from being served at all licensed outlets

The special type of committee also recommended limiting traveling abroad to limit the spread of the COVID-19. Travelling is only allowed in emergency cases.

Oman has also made a decision to implement precautionary measures at places of worship and family gatherings and theaters.

“This major issue is rising day by day normal masses should take this into their full consideration. So, to make people aware of the growing terror of COVID-19 is working devotedly to help the people” said by official.