A new transit form has been introduced by the Health Ministry of Austria that is to be completed when passing through the country. The introduction of the new transit form is for allowing those transiting the country to avoid unnecessary columns at the border crossing points in Austria.

Citizens coming from certain countries are required to present a declaration on their arrival in Austria. These countries are – Albania, Brazil, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kosovo, Mexico, and Moldova.

The new transit form will be required to also be filled by citizens of – Pakistan, South Africa, US, Spain [except for the Canary Islands], Montenegro, Portugal, Sweden, North Macedonia, Peru, Turkey, Nigeria, Philippines, Russian Federation, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Senegal, and Hubei Province [China].

Entry into the country for third-country citizens remains prohibited. Exceptions have been made for those third-world country nationals that are attempting to enter Austria for “essential purposes”.  This includes people working as nursing staff, in the capacity of seasonal workers, or for diplomatic reasons.

Nevertheless, the third-country national – entering Austria from either the EU or from within the Schengen Area – will be required to show a health certificate upon entry confirming a negative PCR test that has been taken within the previous 72 hours.

As per the Ministry, “After entering the country, these people have to go into a ten-day [home quarantine]. Confirmation of accommodation must be submitted for this …”

Those entering Austria from any of the “high risk” countries will be subjected to a mandatory COVID-19 test, as per Vienna’s International Airport.