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Most of the Governments, businesses, NGOs, and citizens everywhere have a prime responsibility to work together to address this modern-day slavery. This new initiative will be critical to progress in combating this global type of challenge. NAPA urge everyone to join the 21st-century anti-trafficking movement.

North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) of the US raised an attention-grabbing concern about illegal human trafficking from Punjab to the western countries. Satnam Singh Chahal, NAPA Executive Director while issuing a release here today made a statement that the well-oiled human trafficking network and business, involving the ferrying of hundreds or thousands of Punjabi’s to North America, was still alive and kicking in Punjab.

He further added that although Punjab Assembly passed two laws in the year 2010 and 2012 to stop illegal human trafficking from Punjab, due to lack of will power present in our system these laws are meaningless in the Punjab region. Therefore, this type of illegal human smuggling business is flourishing day by day in the entire Punjab region under the nose of our government.

Chahal said there should be proper scrutiny of advertisements published by a wide variety of travel agents present in India for jobs in foreign countries and such scrutiny was highly essential to check whether the agent had a valid authorization to advertise the employment opportunities or skills and whether these were still valid in that whole country. Such type of scrutiny should be undertaken by the protector of emigrants’ offices and police separately.

He made a statement that most of the travel agents operating from the USA, New Delhi and different cities of Punjab are minting money from shady and fake deals. Generating violation of human rights of irregular migrants in transit and destination countries is the main cause for concern and requires action on part of the transit and destination countries.

“High increment in human trafficking is depleting the whole value of mankind. So, it’s the true responsibility of a normal citizen to be aware and become a hurdle for such human trafficking cases. So, to inform people is devotedly working to spread awareness among the audience about the happenings in the current world” said an official.

He further added: “There is a basic requirement to generate a database which can be entirely helpful in making assessments about irregular migration. Hundreds of youths from Punjab region try to migrate to other countries, mostly in the West, for better job avenues.”

“Most of them end up in the clutches of all types of illegal immigration and travel agents, who highly charge them between Rs 20 to 50 lakh and dupe them by dumping them in other countries,” said Chahal.