fake immigration attorney

Florida man is encountering a wide variety of federal charges after he allegedly filed false asylum claims on behalf of hundreds of undocumented immigrants planning to stay in the US. Prosecutors accused Elvis Harold Reyes, 56, for showcasing himself as a pastor and immigration attorney for EHR Ministries Inc. and targeting immigrants living in this country.

According to the whole scenario, Reyes selected undocumented immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries present in Florida who were seeking driver licenses and work authorization. He reportedly gave away false or incompletely legal and immigration advice so the victims would be a force to retain his services.

He also stated that he was a former immigration official and convinced his victims to hire him to represent their whole case. After taking their all financial support, Reyes allegedly filled out the immigration applications in the victims’ names in which he offered false answers to questions and fabricated claims of threats that the victims were encountering in their home countries.

Officials made a proper statement that his victims did not know he was offering false information and that he failed to aware them of the penalties for lying on the forms.

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Police stated that he filed a petition on the behalf of those 200 people, and they believe that there could be more victims than that. This person was busted with eight counts of mail fraud, eight counts of making fake statements in immigration documentation, and nine counts of aggravated identity theft.

If convicted properly, Reyes encountered a huge penalty of 20 years in federal prison for each count of mail fraud, up to 15 years’ imprisonment for each fake statement count, and a mandatory, consecutive term of whole two years’ imprisonment for the aggravated identity theft counts.

Prosecutors said to victims paid Reyes to showcase them in immigration-related matters before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other agencies.