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Kiwi criminals deported from Australia cause a huge crime wave back in New Zealand committing 9000 offenses including child sex assaults and home invasions – with HALF the deportees offending again back home

Thousands of Kiwis deported from Australia after committing crimes have been wreaking havoc after returning to New Zealand.

An escalating crime wave has been sweeping the country since 2014 when Australia changed its law to allow deportations of people who fail a character test.

About 2,000 New Zealanders have been sent home over the past six years after failing the character test, most of whom had lived in Australia since they were children.

Since arriving home, they’ve committed 9,000 offenses in New Zealand, including home invasions, assaults, and child sex crimes.

More than half of those sent back have gone on to commit crimes.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has spoken out against the policy, claiming people who have lived in a country for ten years or more shouldn’t be deported even after committing a crime.

On Monday, she reiterated those claims, saying: ‘Unquestionably there is a correlation between this policy and a rise in gangs in New Zealand, unquestionably so… and we will keep sharing our view in the strongest of manners’.

During a joint press conference with Prime Minister Scott Morrison in March, Ms Ardern attacked the policy.

Ms Ardern raised the example of a woman who had left New Zealand at the age of one but was kicked out of Australia regardless.

Australia’s policy of deporting foreign-born criminals has placed deep strain on trans-Tasman relations for several years.

‘Send back genuine Kiwis, do not deport your people and your problems,’ she told Mr Morrison during an emotive and tense press conference.

The encounter between the two prime ministers was dubbed the ‘Love Actually’ moment in reference to a scene in the popular film.

Hugh Grant who plays the role of the British prime minister blasts Billy Bob Thornton who plays the American president while standing side by side at a press conference.

A clip from the press conference between Mr Morrison and Ms Ardern went viral on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveActually.

Mr Morrison shot the Kiwi leader an awkward glance, before responding: ‘We deport non-citizens who have committed crimes in Australia.’

‘If you’ve committed a crime and you’re not a citizen of Australia then you have no right to stay.

‘We deport non-citizens who have committed crimes in Australia against our community.’

Ms Ardern argued that Kiwis who have spent years living in Australia don’t have a life or any foundations to return to when deported back to New Zealand.

Despite the New Zealand prime minister’s best efforts, Mr Morrison held firm in his stance on the policy.