Finland has good-quality universities that offer various degrees. The universities in Finland are well-known for their innovative teaching methods. Finland has good-quality universities that offer various degrees. This small Northern European nation is home to some world-class universities that deliver high-quality teaching, in a secure environment you can enjoy a remarkable quality of life.

Every year, roughly 31,000 international students choose Finland which has over 400-degree programs taught in English. You are probably wondering about the admission process and the university intakes in Finland.

Admission intakes

As the Finnish universities have courses with two semesters the admission intakes are two-fall and spring.

The coolest thing about applying for a degree here is that you can have a joint application. This means you fill out a form containing up to six preferred study programs and submit only one application. You will be assigned one of the programs, based on the scores of your application. To put it another way, you have more chances of studying with less effort in Finland.

If you are accepted by any university, you will get your official letter of admission.

 University intakes and application steps

As mentioned earlier, there are two intakes in the universities of Finland. Let us look at the application steps in more detail:

1. Select the university and course

Start by selecting the course to which you wish to apply. The application page is the perfect place to start. The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) maintains and offers official, up-to-date information on study programs leading to a degree in the country. After that, be sure to check out your desired institution’s website.

2. Know the entry requirements

Once you have chosen a course and university, get to know the entry requirements. Search for information, such as academic requirements, language skills and application times.

3. Submit your application

For most English-language Bachelor-level studies, you can apply online using a joint application where you can apply for up to six of your chosen courses in one application form (whether from one or several different institutions).

Depending on your preference you should rank your six choices. Think carefully through this as it can’t be changed after the application period is over.

The supporting documents in your application must be in either English, Finnish or Swedish language.

4. Finish the entrance tests and the English language proficiency test

Entrance exams are common, especially when you apply for a Bachelor’s degree.  Usually, you will have to take only one entrance exam for Applied Science Universities (UAS) which can be used across any other UAS you have applied to.

To prove your English language proficiency, either IELTS  or TOEFL is a general requirement for Finnish universities.

5. Apply for your visa

Once you have been accepted by a university, you will have to apply for a visa. A student visa is a short-term temporary visa you can apply for if your course duration is less than 90 days. If your course duration is more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit.

6. Plan for finances during your stay

You must show that you have sufficient means of living in Finland for your entire visa period unless your university supports your living in Finland. That means having proof that you have at least EUR560 per month (EUR 6,720 per year) to cover for accommodation, food and other needs.

7. Prepare to travel to Finland

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements and covered all the application steps, you can prepare to move to Finland.

Depending on which intake you select for admission, ensure you follow the steps and timeline for a successful application.