Prior to departing to their selected destination, Indians who seek study abroad may have to soon enrol with the Government. This proposal will be placed before the Parliament by the External Affairs Ministry under the 2019 Emigration Bill draft.

The registration process is online so it is unlikely to be burdensome as said by officials familiar with the issue.

For all streams of Indian citizens heading overseas, this bill will make registration compulsory. Students who intend to Study Abroad and those immigrating for Overseas Job will be included as quoted by the Times of India.

To make immigration efficient, swift and hassle-free, the process of registration is proposed to be on an online platform. The draft bill says this has been made for the convenience to the Indians seeking Overseas Jobs or Education. On the basis of need few required provisions have been made for exempting some categories in this context.

The Government had made it compulsory for Indians to register earlier, who seek to Work Overseas in 18 nations. These 18 nations are   Malaysia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and UAE.

The process is intended to safeguarding the interests of the Indian citizens and will not be tedious, they said. But the bill is yet to be finalized and based on feedback from the public several modifications can be made, they added.

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