Australia India

India has become the 3rd largest migrant country migrating to Australia. A huge number of Indians apply to the country’s migration program every year leading to permanent residency and later citizenship. The Australian government comes out with its migration program planning levels every year to achieve certain economic and social targets.

The reasons behind encouraging migrants to come and settle in the country include:

  • Improve production of the economy and cover the skill shortages in the labor market
  • Help Australians reunite with family members living outside the country
  • Provide visas for those in special circumstances

The Australia migration program consists of these two main streams:

  • Skill Stream– This stream was allocated 108,682 places which made up 69.5 percent in the total number of places in the migration program.
  • Family stream– This stream mostly made up of Partner visas was allocated 47,732 places which made up 30.5 percent of the program.

The target numbers for the migration program in 2019-20 was lower than the targets for previous years. The migration program is planned every year and for 2019-20, the total number of places was set at 160,000.

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