new zealand immigration

One of the first immigration announcements is expected to be New Zealand’s new two-year residence programme. NZ lowered the target band of new residents to 50-60,000 and that may be changed again. A cabinet paper suggests that it’s looking at prioritizing certain categories, possibly such as skilled migrants, and capping others – such as partnership visas.

Also, the regional workforce and employer-assisted work visas are being considered. The government is planning to add New Zealander into the jobs that were carried by immigrants. Residential care and meat processing sectors are being targeted at the initial stage as these industries employ many immigrants.

Not only this, 6 new settlement areas have been to the existing ones for refugees – Ashburton, Blenheim, Levin, Masterton, Timaru, and Whanganui. It could be seen that the refugee quota will be increased to 1500 in July. For which, a lot of work is in the process of increasing housing supply in those areas, and with the community and health sectors.

Source: RNZ