Being a lawyer is a very profitable profession in Canada but choosing a right province to settle in Canada is in itself a task. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the most rewarded regions in Canada for a lawyer. With the right set of skills, knowledge, and expertise the candidate can earn a median annual salary of $106,638 CAD a year. But, remember to get yourself listed with Canadian Bar association before you start practicing.

National Occupation Qualification code for Lawyer in Canada:

The Government of Canada renews the National Occupation Classification (NOC) after every five years and the most current version is NOC, 2016 and as per which the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code categories for a lawyer and the associated professions are listed below:

NOC 4164 – Social policy researcher and consultant

NOC 1121 – Human resource professionals

NOC 4211 – Paralegal and related occupations

NOC 1242 – Legal administrative assistants

NOC 5125 – Translators, terminologists and interpreters

NOC 4112 – Lawyer

Working as Lawyer in Canada:

There are reasons that why internationally qualified, educated, recognized and experienced lawyers are willing to work in Canada but for this, they have to get the membership under CBA (Canadian Bar Associate) and further the candidate should note that best provinces for lawyer to settle in Canada are Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If candidate starts working as a lawyer in any law firm then the salary will be paid according to the number of working hours. Further, from a qualified lawyer, it is expected to be analytical adjacent with extra capacity to work under pressure. Rest be assured the heights of your career graph will be determined by skills you hold.

How you can immigrate to Canada with PR status as a lawyer?

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
Written by Jasleen Kaur