Italy-based NRI Gurwinder Singh alerted his brother when he spotted some unusual movement in the live feed from CCTV cameras installed at his unoccupied house in Mohali.

An Italy-based Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Gurwinder Singh was shocked when he noticed movement on the live stream from the security cameras installed in his unoccupied home in Mohali in the northern Indian state of Punjab.

Gurwinder Singh was routinely checking the security footage of his Punjab home on his smartphone over the weekend when he noticed something unusual.

Shocked by the movement in the footage, Mr. Singh instantly called his brother Gurpal Singh who lives in the vicinity and asked him to visit the unoccupied place of residence.

Without spending any time, Gurpal gathered a few neighbors, reached his brother’s house and barged into the property. And found two assailants inside the house!

The police reached the spot shortly after and arrested the burglars identified as Satinder Singh (37)and Harsh Kumar(36), both were having criminal records & few cases of theft had been also registered against them in the past, in the nearby Ropar district, reported Times of India.

At least two incidents of burglary, snatching, and theft was reported from the area every day, according to the latest figures released by the Mohali police.

SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal Mohali, recently said that the district had witnessed an unprecedented rise in burglaries in 2018 as compared to 2017.

“We have requested people to give prior information at police stations if they are going abroad or traveling. Another reason is that more cases are now being reported at police stations,” Mr. Chahal said while addressing the media.

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