marriage fraud canada

A man landed on moon like place estimating that he made the history, but was shocked to see 2 Punjabis already there. On asking how they have reached here, they answered, “Oh Ji! How do we know, An immigration agent dropped us here saying this is Canada.”

This joke applies on almost all the Punjabi ready to take any step whether legal or illegal to land on their desired destination. In the ever-increasing queue of Immigration scam victims another name Satinderpal Kaur has been recently added.

Satinderpal kaur eldest of three daughters of Ranjit Singh an Ex-serviceman from Village chuharchakk of Moga district has claimed her husband and in-laws of taking a sum of Rs 35 lakhs as a dowry on the pretext of taking her to Canada along with them.

The victim made a statement to Visa Monthly, “her marriage was solemnized in April 2011 to an NRI Arshdeep hailing from village kothe sher jung of Jagraon Sub division in Ludhiana District. Arshdeep’s family demanded Rs. 35 lakhs as a dowry (which is a usual practice in Malwa region of Punjab in case of NRI brides and grooms). As the victim’s family saw this chance as a ticket to Canada, they didn’t think twice before selling off all their 5 acres of agricultural land and taking loan against their whole sole house.”

Satinderpal Kaur further added that until 2017 she spent happy days with her in-laws and spent nice time with her husband whenever he visited her in India. During these days Satinder’s father was made to fund her visa application 3 times by her in-laws and at the end of whole procedure Satinderpal was told that her application has been rejected because Embassy didn’t find her application genuine enough to become a residence of Canada.

It then became somewhat irritable and unbearable for Satinder Kaur, when her in-laws denied keeping contact with her and Satinder saw her dreams shattering day by day.

She further added that, “They do not call me anymore and have also locked their house and gave away keys to one of their relative living in the same village.”

Weeping mother of victim further made a statement to Visa Monthly that one messenger of their daughter’s in-laws once conveyed to them that if you seriously want them to take your daughter to Canada then you have to pay more money.

There’s two side of one coin in one side it’s the whole sole game plan of groom and its family. They planned fake wedding for taking advantage on financial backgrounds. But if we focus on the other side then it reflects that in the race of sending their daughter to Canada the whole family ignore the gravity of whole situation.

“These types of scams are rising day by day just because people are so desperate about reaching to their desired destination that they usually forget inquiring about the whole situation. They land up themselves in a trap made by these scammers.” Said by one of the senior citizens of the village to Visa Monthly.