germany student visa for indians

Germany’s high student visa wait times, running into several months impacts prospective students from all over the globe. International students from India, Cameroon, and Morocco had to face up to a year’s wait times.

Pakistani students applying at the German Embassy in Islamabad have a wait time of 42 weeks. On the other hand, scientists needed just one week; researchers needed fifteen weeks while qualified students needed 37 weeks.

Kai Gehring is the spokesman for research and higher education policy of the Greens. He said that long Student Visa wait times are unacceptable and will demotivate international students aspiring to come to Germany.

International students applying for a Student Visa at 24 German Embassies and Consulates worldwide had to wait more than 8 weeks just to get an appointment to apply for a Student Visa.

Egypt, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are the only countries where German Embassies do not face long waiting times.

Gerrit Bruno Bloss, CEO of Study EU, says that long wait times can damage Germany‚Äôs appeal as a top study abroad destination for international students. The problem is heightened by Germany’s common late application deadlines. The deadline for applications closes between May and mid-July for most courses. The letters of the offer will not be forwarded before August.

A paper released by Stifterverband in September 2019 found that long Student Visa wait times was the reason 38% of non-EU international students arriving after the start of the semester. Of the 900 students surveyed, 18% arrived after two weeks the semester started in 2018.

Mr. Bloss also said that the German Government has started prioritizing high-qualified students. Wait times at the German Embassy in New Delhi, India has dropped from 28 weeks to 3 weeks for high-qualified applicants. This includes scientists and researchers.

In Germany, one in ten foreign students is from India, Morocco, and Cameroon. Considering that fact, the increasing waiting times are a cause for concern. The long waiting times in Germany do not allow international students to plan their studies.

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