2019 has introduced with a lot more changes to the Australian Skilled (GSM), Employer-Sponsored visas (ENS) and Family Visa Program. Few of the important immigration changes are as below: –

1. Partner visas will take a longer time to process.

Last November, the Family Violence Bill passed in Senate. The Bill states that partner visa sponsorships need to be approved before Partner visas can be lodged. The visa sponsorship applications would be lodged in stricter criteria to assess their character and history as per new regulations proposed. This process will result in the delay in the lodgement of the overseas partner application.

2. New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas

2019 introduced new temporary sponsored parent visa for bringing in overseas parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents. Only 15,000 visas will be made available each year. The visas will be valid for 3 or 5 years once the visa is approved.  That will cost $5,000 and $10,000 respectively for these tears. The new parent visa is renewable for a combined of 10 years maximum.

3. Show money increased for foreign students to more than $20,000

Students have to show around $20,290 this year as evidence fund. For bringing a partner, an additional $7,100 is to be shown. Further, $3,040 needs to be provided for each child.

4.Matching tax records to salaries of employer-sponsored migrants with ATO

According to the Department of Home Affairs, there will be cracking down on those companies that are underpaying employer-sponsored migrants. The department will be collecting the tax file numbers of those who currently hold a 457/482 TSS visa. In partnership with the ATO, they will match the tax file numbers with current tax records to make sure that the said migrants are being paid the right amount based on their nominated salary.

5.South Australia visa for start-up entrepreneurs

Good news for those new in entrepreneurship as the state is set to pilot a new visa for start-up entrepreneurs.  It will not be difficult now to obtain a Business and Innovation visa. Even this visa doesn’t require a $200,000 funding arrangement. Additionally, only a 5 average band score on the IELTS is required.  Applicants will be just needed to give an original idea and business plan in order to obtain this visa.