Last month, applications were being accepted by PPA for residence permits to be granted in 2019. Within the first week of 2019, over 1000 applications have already been submitted. By 31st December this total reached up to 1300 as published by PPA press release. Till 2nd January, to surprise, this immigration quota had already been exceeded.

Right at the beginning of the year the quota most likely to be filled out. An adviser-expert at the PPA’s Identity & status Bureau, Ms.LiisValk observed that the applications that are being processed now will be rejected later as quota being maxed out.

The officials quoted that “All remaining applications will then be rejected, and it will not be possible to submit any further applications this year.” The applications so received will be processed on first come first served bases and rest will be rejected as decided by police.

Ms. Valk stated that once the quota is filled, the police will intimate directly to the employees about this. He said that “We will send a newsletter to businesses that have previously expressed interest in recruiting foreigners.” He further stated “In addition to employment under a residence permit, it is also possible to employ foreigners on a short-term basis on the basis of a visa. Employers should register such employment with the PPA. No separate approval by the PPA is required for enterprise in Estonia on the basis of a visa.”

Relief to other Residence Permits

But people applying for purpose of the study, EU citizens & their family members citizens do not come under the annual immigration quota limitation. Moreover, people coming to work for or launch a startup or are large investors or coming to Estonia to work in research, as teachers or in the ICT field, top specialists don’t fall under this quota.