Released on September 4, Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey [LFS], August 2020 reveals that as more workplaces and businesses in Canada open up, 246,000 jobs were created in August.

As Canada recovers from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and more people return to work, the employment rate is on the rise in the country in recent months.

While 246,000 jobs were created in August, another 419,000 jobs were recovered in July. May and June, on the other hand, saw a recovery of approximately 1.2 million jobs.

The results of the August Labour Force Survey are a reflection of the labour market conditions in Canada in the week of August 9 to August 15, almost 5 months following the imposition of COVID-19 special measures across the country on March 18.

As public health restrictions had significantly been eased throughout Canada by the middle of August, an increasing number of workplaces and businesses have reopened.

The LFS data are based on a sampling of over 50,000 households in Canada.

As per the LFS, “all of the employment increase in August was in full-time work, which rose by 206,000 [+1.4%]”.

The employment rate for the “very recent immigrants” [that had immigrated to Canada 5 years ago or less], increased for the fourth consecutive month.

As per the Survey, the province-wise increase in employment during the period was seen to be the highest in Ontario and Quebec.

While employment in Ontario registered an increase of 142,000 in August [+2%], Quebec recorded a rise of 54,000 [+1.3%] in employment in the month of August.

Employment increased in most of the Western provinces as well, with British Columbia recording the largest increase.

Among the provinces that make up Atlantic Canada, the largest employment gain during the period was reported by Nova Scotia.

With employment continuing to rebound in August, Canada is well ahead on its way to complete economic recovery in the coming months.