Demand for web developers and web designers is increasing in Canada and because there is a high demand for web developers and web designers the payrolls in the field are very competitive.

The average annual salary of a normal web developer or designer in Canada is 50,000 $CAD.

The salary for this role ranges from 30,000 $CAD to 70,000 $CAD per annum. For a skilled person in the field of web designers and developers, there is no limit.

Salaries of web designers or web developers in Canada:

Toronto – $66,300 to $108,800

Vancouver – $66,700 to $107,800

Montreal – $51,700 to $105,600

Calgary – $67,900 to $109,600

Web designing job opportunities are rising up across Canada. Most are found in the regions where IT and business presence is strong such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Greater Toronto area.

How you can apply for PR in Canada as web developer?

The process for the application of the web designer for PR status is same as of any other profession.

The aspirants can choose from three available programs:

  • Express Entry Program
  • (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program
  • (QSWP) Quebec Skilled Worker Program

For a professional with skills, knowledge and expertise best way to immigrate to Canada is through Federal Skilled Worker Program which is the sub category of Express Entry Program and it is known as the quickest and fastest way to immigrate to Canada with this program candidate can immigrate to Canada in just 6 months.

Written by Jasleen Kaur