canada lmia

By the online LMIA portals now, wide variety of employers can easily employ foreign workers on the temporary basis. This whole process came into access after many business leaders in Canada asked for advancement in LMIA by this new pilot program.

The government of Canada announced that the online pilot would permit the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) employers to register at the online portal wherein they can easily manage the whole accounts, transactions, and further types of services.

For this portal, job bank for finding the employers the same login credentials can be used to access. Here they are required to fill an electronic questionnaire, later keep a proper track on the process, and if left the LMIA application incomplete, you can come back again and finish the whole procedure. You can also highly upload the supporting documents and see the saved LMIA application at any time and view the decision letters.

Wide variety of Canadian business communities from several coming years requested the government for full improvement in the hiring process of the temporary foreign worker by reducing the red tape and processing times. Business groups like the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce have recommended several improvisations in the whole procedure.

Firstly, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce recommended the federal government to increase the online application of LMIA by streamlining forms in the year 2017.

Corinne Pohlmann and CFIB stated that this whole process is lengthy complicated and quite expensive but later added that many improvements have to be made by as of now the online system is good news.

“In the current scenario every employer aims to employ foreign worker in their office. So, for the same Canada is establishing some new rules. To get updated with the whole process you can rely upon as it is working devotedly to spread information in the audience about the current happenings in the immigration industry” said by official.

With the launch of online system, now employers can easily track the applications, and processing time of 3-12 months would be reduced. These were the major type of problem faced by wide variety of business owners.

Labour Market Impact Assessment is a process where the employer tends to hire a foreign worker. It is to showcase that the employer has fully tried for Canadian workers but failed to get a proper employee and thus searching for talent from other countries also.

Pohlmann said that they were asking for the full review of the LMIA process to know where the delay of the process taking place, make the application simple, and make the government service better in feedback and replying.