Immigrants need specific documents upon landing in Canada:

1. Canada Immigrant Visa and Permanent Residence Confirmation for each accompanying family member
2. A valid travel document or passport for each accompanying family member
3. 2 copies of the detailed list of all household or personal items that you have brought along with you
4. 2 copies of the list of items that will be arriving later (Both the lists must specify the worth of the items)
5. You must possess adequate funds for covering costs such as transportation, clothing, food, and rent for 6 months and you may be asked to demonstrate evidence of funds

Some of the additional documents immigrants need depending on their circumstances are:

1. Baptismal certificates or birth certificates, marriage certificates, separation, adoption or divorce papers, death certificate for the deceased spouse
2. Degrees, Diplomas, or School records for each accompanying family member
3. Professional or trade licenses and certificates
4. Reference letters from previous employers
5. A list of their professional and educational qualifications and work experience, also known as the Resume
6. Vaccination, Immunization, Dental and other health records for each accompanying family member
7. Driver’s Permit including an Overseas Driver’s Permit if in case applicable
8. Copies of all necessary and crucial documents in a scenario if originals are lost, ensure to keep originals and copies in separate places
9. Documents for Car registration if you are importing a motor vehicle to Canada, as quoted by the CIC News