In Puneet Puneet extradition case Judge Gurmohini Kaur has set February 16 as the next date of hearing adding that no adjournments would be sought in the matter that has been pending in court for over five years.

On Friday, Final arguments were drawn out in Patiala House Court in India’s capital New Delhi, In yet another inconclusive hearing in the runaway Indian driver Puneet Puneet’s extradition case.

On behalf of the Union of India, Bhaskar Vali (Prosecution lawyer), who handles extradition matters told the court in detail how Puneet jumped his bail conditions and used a friend’s passport to flee Australia in 2009.

Mr. Vali told the court that after Summarizing the events that Puneet was granted bail by Magistrates Court in Melbourne in 2008 on criteria that he wouldn’t travel outside Victoria. He even would not drive and have to surrender his passport.

But in 2009 Puneet fled to India on his friend Sukhcharanjit Singh’s passport despite the conditions. However, four years later he was arrested on his wedding day.

Puneet’s friend Mr. Singh’s states to the police investigator, the prosecutor explained how Puneet managed to “dupe” his friend to get his passport.

Mr. Vali told the court while presenting his final arguments that Puneet’s friend, Mr. Singh claimed that Puneet took away his passport by giving false excuses of getting him a credit card. But later when his friend asked Puneet to return his passport he started giving excuses. At first, he told him that he would return his passport the following day and then said he was drunk and had lost the document.

The prosecutor also reproduced a witness, a truck driver David Armstrong’s testimony who had narrated the whole incident and saw Puneet driving at a “furious speed” and thought that “the driver was on a suicide mission”.

Puneet was fully drunk when the car he was driving in Melbourne went out of control & crashed into two pedestrians. The crash killed, both students from Queensland one was a 19-year-old student Dean Hofstee and injured another friend 20-year-old Clancy Coker on a fatal night in October 2008.

Police said he was estimated to be driving at 148 km/h and was over the legal alcohol limit. He pleaded guilty to culpable driving offenses.

There were inconsistencies in Puneet’s statements throughout the trial. As stated by Mr. Vali to the court.

Puneet initially claimed that Before the accident at a dinner hosted by his friend he had consumed four standard measures of Scotch whiskey with coke. But later changed his statement to the police and said he’d consumed black label whiskey and light beer, Mr. Vali informed the court.

Judge Gurmohini Kaur concluded the hearing with setting February 16 as the next date of hearing. She further added that no adjournments would be sought in the matter.