24 years old Killed by Travel Agent
A 24 years old from Punjab was killed by the travel agent who was escorting number of illegal immigrants from Punjab to the U.S.A.
The Group travelled from Punjab through number of Countries ending up in Panama en route to U.S.A. through Mexico.
Unlucky Sunil Kumar the only son of day laborers came from Nadala in Kapurthala district in Punjab. Sunil Kumar paid 25 lakhs to find a new life in Australia but got injured in the process of trying to cross the border illegally and it is alleged the organizer of group a Jalandhar based travel agent pushed him into the canal so he can drown and rest of group can move forward.
Sunil’s Journey started from Punjab after having begged and borrowed 25 lakhs with agreement of his family to find new life in U.S.A.
He left Punjab 8 weeks ago with many others chasing the same dream. Sunil was killed by the travel agent because he was injured and slowing the group down. As he bent over to drink some water, the agent pushed him so he can drown.
Trafficking people is major problem from Punjab and has been flourishing from many years. In a state where anything goes from bogus qualification to bogus bank statements the lure of finding new life in the west is too great. Very often family, friends and relatives put all their together in a hope a young man can find new life either in UK, Canada, America and Australia etc.
Often, the young man who take this route usually are not very educated, have no trade of profession and don’t stand a chance of getting a legal route to go into that countries for purpose of employment. Seasoned travel agents who have been in the business of trafficking from very long time, find willing candidates who are pushing lakhs of rupees into their pockets dreaming of new life in the rich countries.
Recently, the Punjab Govt. started Licensing process for immigration agents and travel agents and educators preparing young people for overseas education.
People in the industry are saying the Govt. License is not going to have any affect because people trafficking is all done underground. Where the trafficker has no office, no staff, no paper work and quite often not a back account as all transactions are done in cash.
The lure of big money and quality of good life is so great, high profile people are resigning from their jobs and going on tourist visas in hope opportunities in those countries might provide then Permanent Residence.
If one was to investigate properly and ask whose fault is this that this happened, the answer is shocking. In the course of writing this article quite often the travel agent is victim who has been pushed into helping young man by please of their mother and family. A lot of money and life is seen in a lottery. Sad Indian Side in the phrase where they say no pain no gain.
Written by Dr. Avtar Lit