coronavirus australia

Rohit Mohan, one of the Melbourne-based migration agents said for those on temporary visas who are presently in Australia, and who were not in or transiting through mainland China, Iran, Republic of Korea or Italy, their visas will not be affected from the COVID-19 virus.

“In case you’re an Indian national, you may venture out to India. You may, in any case, be exposed to about fourteen days of quarantine, depending on your tourism history and medical condition.”

He, however, cautioned that things are changing quickly and there is a genuine chance that Australia may amend its tourism advisory soon, which may leave numerous seaward travelers in troublesome circumstances, similar to those in China. “We are advising individuals, especially the individuals who are not Australian residents or perpetual inhabitants to abstain from going to India in the current situation.

“Other than their health, going outside Australia may likewise leave them in a situation where they won’t have the option to come back to Australia except if the limitations are lifted. And, no one knows for to what extent the emergency would last,” stated by Mr. Mohan.

It is quite imperative to bring up that there are as of now no travel limitations on Indian nationals needing to come back to Australia, except if they were not in or traveling through terrain China, Iran, Republic of Korea or Italy.

Adding to the entire statement, one immigration agent, Jujhar Bajwa from Melbourne said they are also advising people on Bridging B visas planning to or already in India to “return at the earliest as possible.”

“Most of the population are not fully aware of new rules and regulations launched due to coronavirus outbreak. So, to make people aware such updates is working devotedly to inform the audience about the happenings in the immigration industry” said by official.

“If you’re already living in India on a Bridging visa B, my advice would be to return at the earliest as possible, because if Australia suspends entry of all the temporary migrants, you may be required to stay for an extended period, outside the country, resulting in a breach.

He further added that the rationale behind the support and advice is to prevent temporary migrants from being locked out of the country, depending on how the situation unfolds in days to come.