College Shutdown Misery – How One Right Decision saved a student’s life?

It was a warm sunny day, and as usual Rohan was getting ready for his college. The college Rohan was studying in was a dream college since his graduation and made all his efforts to come in the USA for a bright future. Rohan had his breakfast, packed his college bag, wore casual tees and pants, locked the door and went towards college through a bus. On the way, he took a break to have his daily coffee at a joint. As he was checking his phone, he got stunned by going through the news feed that the college he was studying in along with other 26 colleges at the same location was declared to be shut down as it was reported to be fake and non-compliant to the Higher Education Degree Data check (HEDD).

At that very moment, Rohan rechecked about this news at other websites, just hoping that this wasn’t the factual news. But unfortunately, he found it to be true. Rohan was completely shocked and felt like someone cut ground from under my feet. In that extremely sorrowful situation, Rohan got mentally disturbed as there were many questions arising which he couldn’t answer to. What will he tell his parents, those who put so many efforts for this dream to come true, how he will graduate and many other thoughts were also got stuck in his mind? It was a very difficult situation for him, as in such foreign place where he didn’t have any close relative or friend to talk about the matter. His ambitions and hopes were crushed in no time after such misery. To run from the whole situation, he went back to my apartment and tried to avoid situation by going for a sleep. But his try wasn’t successful because of such hardship.

Then, Rohan finally decided to tell this bad news to his family. Rohan called on his mother’s phone in India. As it was night in India, his father and mother both were about to sleep at that time. But who knew this news will blow their sleeps away. Anyhow, Rohan managed to explain this situation to his parents. Rohan’s mother was in complete distress but on the other hand, this situation did not bother his dad.

  • Way back from ground slipping situation towards a secure future.

In fact, his father handled the situation very calmly by reminding him of Fee Guards registration. His father said, he need not worry or run from this situation as we have already taken Fee Guards membership at the initial stage which protects them against these kinds of problems, such as sudden college shutdowns, fake visa or fake agents. Rohan recalled everything about formalities that they have completed through Fee Guards with a very less paperwork, they had done the huge deposits through them. Rohan took a peaceful breath after that. Yet it was very unfortunate situation, but saved them from being left in debts or broke.

Then, they connected with Fee Guards team situated in Jalandhar, and illustrated the situation to Fee Guards executive and standing to their promise and words, the executive started our tuition fees refund process and also gave options of other colleges to enroll with. Rohan’s father and Rohan choose one of the colleges and Fee Guards also helped us to finalize the better one. And finally, Rohan is studying in a reputed college and now he is about to graduate from this college with the help of He can now again see his bright future and can fulfill his dreams. Rohan’s hopes were not faded as the important step they took before his bad time, by registering with Fee Guards. He thanked to Fee Guard as he thought without the Fee Guards, Rohan would have been regretting the decision of studying abroad. It saved his dream to be shattered and enabled him to live a happy and successful life.