agent fraud
  • Dreamer aimed to study Abroad
  • Lured into less costly offers, ended up with forged documents
  • Left with mere loans and debts

In the marathon of going abroad, one more aspirant joined the list of fraud victims named Pooja.

Pooja completed her graduation in Nakodar, Punjab and like most of the strivers of Punjab, she wanted to go Canada to study further and settle there. Keeping her career at first priority, she made her studying abroad decision more rigid and for the same, she started looking out for agents on the internet, social media, and other advertising mediums. Out of which, she finally shortlisted some of them and went on to their offices for queries.

Through one of them, she came to know about Fee Guards, a platform guarding international students by providing them full protection of tuition fees, saving them from fraud agents and from forged visas too. But she ignored it and continued with the search for more Visa agents.

Meeting with accused

After having met 2 or 3 more agents, poor Pooja met Sunil Kumar who introduced himself as an experienced Travel Agent and assured her that he can send her abroad on a student visa at a very reasonable price. Without even thinking or questioning the seasoned agent, pooja came back home and convinced her not so literate parents to send her abroad as per the plan suggested by Sunil Kumar and further asked them to gather funds for her.

Gathering of the assets

As per Pooja’s desire, her parents started gathering assets to pay her college fees, which took them 20 rough days of begging and borrowing from relatives, arranging loans against her mother’s gold and mortgage against their ancestral house. Finally, they were able to put together a sum of 15 lakhs.

Handing over all the money to the agent, pooja was given her passport with Canadian student visa stamped on it, college admission documents along with a ticket to fly. The seasoned agent further assured pooja that he will maintain contact with her while she will be in Canada.

Dream turning into reality

Finally, the day arrived when she was going to fly from India to Canada. She went to Delhi airport and at the immigration checkpoint found that her Visa along with other documents was forged. Deep in the shock, she tried contacting Sunil Kumar on all the contact numbers he had but was not able to connect. Upon coming back to Punjab, she approached back right away to the agent’s office and found out that he has vanished that office, the only thing left behind was an empty office.

A massive betrayal

She was completely shocked experiencing this and in no time Pooja and her family burst into tears. Her going abroad aim was crushed so badly that she was not able to mend. All the savings, borrowed money and jewelry of the family was gone. The burden of loans was only left with them.

Recalling measures not taken

At that time, she regretted not taking Fee Guards which not only offered her to provide a list of trusted agents but also would be protecting her from fake visa and College shutdown misery. She was in complete repentance of not taking Fee Guards at that time through which she would be able to select a trusted agent and valid visa with faithful paperwork. Pooja’s older family members sympathized her saying, “no one can postpone God’s will and his plans.” But in reality, poor Pooja was betrayed by a fake agent with forged documents which resulted in ruining her dream of studying in Canada.

This was a life lesson for her that the shortcuts lead to a long and regretful path. Only to save few bucks Pooja stake her whole career and a worthful dream which only resulted them in debt and depression.