How to immigrate to Canada as a chef?

Canada is a land where cultural diversity takes place and it’s the most favorable location for the immigrants coming from all over the world to settle. Therefore, it is a country where many cultures, languages, tastes, and flavors take place which makes it the perfect place for chefs to work as there are diverse options available for them. A person with less experience but with good knowledge and sensibility for cooking can also apply as a chef in Canada.

Let’s get familiar with the some of the main duties of a chef in Canada:-

  • Kitchen Management,
  • Controlling other activities of chefs and cooks
  • Purchase and repair kitchen equipment
  • Menu Planning
  • Preparation of food on a regular basis depending on the size of a restaurant.

All the specialty chefs, cooks, sous-chefs who work under the executive chef are responsible to prepare food based on their specialty.

Recently the field of chefs and cooks are experiencing major demand in Canada and as the industry is expanding the demand of well qualified and experienced chef is also increasing.

Now, you must be thinking that under which provinces in Canada the demand of chefs and cooks is high?

  • Ontario and British Columbia, these are two provinces where the demand of chefs is at rise as the market has expanded endorsing the demand for high-quality dining experience or good food thereby raising the demand for good chefs and cooks. All the skilled candidates who have the ability to handle multiple cuisines and hold a specialization in all kind of ethnic dishes have many employment opportunities as compared to others.

NOC (National Occupation Category) in British Columbia for chefs is 6321 and for cooks is 6322.

Apart from working in any restaurant chefs in Canada can work in cruise ships, catering companies and hospitals as well. There is not much criteria in this field for selection, a diploma is sufficient along with creative and good presentation skills.

The average salary of chefs in Canada is 30,000 $CAD to 40,000 $CAD but then there are chefs who with their ability can earn up to 70,000 $CAD as well. In Canada employers mostly look for resume and cover letter summarizing your credentials.

If you have done your training as chef from foreign then Canada recognizes your credentials through two main bodies CIC (Canada Culinary Institute) and CCFCC (Canada Culinary Federation).

Written by Jasleen Kaur