canada permanent residency

Getting entry in the US is becoming quite difficult day by day. Neither are there any signs things are going to get easier in the coming future. Current, reports depict that the rejection rate for H1B Visas has reached 24% in the last quarter of 2019 compared to just 6% in the year 2015. Needless to say, the country like US may slowly be losing its charm.

Canada has, however, capitalized on the whole situation. More people are now choosing Canada instead of the US, especially from the country like India. The number of Indians gaining Canadian Permanent Residency in the year 2019 increased by a staggering 105%. In 2016, 39,340 Indians obtained Canadian PR. 

In contrast, 80,685 Indians got Canada PR in this year, doubling the numbers. This country has friendlier immigration policies than any other nation and offers the same kind of lifestyle as in the major types of cities of the US. Canada has a largest Indian diaspora, it is quite evident that more Indians are now choosing this splendid country over the US.

“Most of the People are not aware about the new updation of rules in Canada. So, to spread awareness is working devotedly to inform the audience about the happenings in the immigration industry” said by official.

Regressive US immigration rules and regulation are causing more IT companies to open offices in Canada. It is crystal clear that, India is one of the largest source countries of skilled IT professionals in the entire world. Uncertainty over H1B Visa rules and regulations is making more Indian IT professionals opt for Canada and not the US.

As per the year 2017 Global Skills Strategy Program, Canada had set a particular target of welcoming 330,000 newcomers in the year 2019. The Global Skills Strategy Programs offers a fast-track route to those looking to work in Canada. The largest beneficiaries are Indians with a STEM background who wish to take advantage of the emerging work opportunities in Canada.

As per reports, Indians account for the largest share of ITAs for PR Visas through the Express Entry Program. In the year 2017, out of 86,022 invitations issued, 36,310 went to Indians. The full number of invites issued to Indians increased by 13% to 41,675 in 2018.

In business sector, 63% of the firms are opening offices in this amazing country, increasing their presence in the Canada. 21% of the companies are reported to have at least one branch office in Canada. Canada wants to bring in more than one million newcomers in the next three coming years. If you also aspire to immigrate to this country, this is the best time to apply.