Permission was granted by a group of 23 universities permitting the foreign student to stay back for around 6 months after their graduation.

Many students studying in the UK got part-time jobs. Once such student Rukmini Sanyal a Delhi Student got a part-time job while doing post-graduation from the London School of economics. She had to fly back after the completion of her graduation she had to fly back, leaving the job. Even the UK employer was willing to sponsor her Work permit. But this 4-month extended visa was not enough to give suitable employment.

This story is not limited to only Rukmini Sanyal as thousands of students are sailing in the same boat who finish their study in the UK.

Brexit had raised employment hopes for these Students.

Employers in the UK are cautious of hiring fresh graduates or foreign students who need to be sponsored for Tier-2 work permits. It covers the student from non-European Union (EU) countries.

March 29 is the deadline for the UK leaving the European Union after Brexit. The students from the EU and India will follow the same rules. Sanyal explains in this context that “For students from India, the transition from a Tier-4 student visa to a Tier-2 employment visa is almost impossible. But once EU students are also covered by the same rules, we will have a better chance based on our qualifications and skills.”

Last month released of a white paper by the UK government which laid out a Post-Brexit immigration plan. This will be focused on the economy’s need for skilled migrants rather than the country of origin of the migrants. In 2012 this new system will be implemented in prospects to improve Indian Professionals & students.

Now, International students will get huge advantage of staying back for six months rather than 4 months after their course completion. Adarsh Khandelwal, and director of overseas educational consultant Collegify said, ”Since the proposals are scheduled to come into effect in 2021, there will be an immediate impact on Indian students considering pursuing higher education in the UK,”

Although 23 universities have already given 6 months stay back permission. Yet, it is not clear when the proposals in the White Paper will come to action. Indian students can be reassured that they would not face a native disadvantage while competing with EU professionals for a job in the UK.