A young migrant Jatinder Brar taken his final breath on Friday on his job when an allegedly stolen SUV crashed into his delivery truck.

Friends and family are thanking the generous donors for stepping up at a difficult time of sad dismay of the Indian migrant in Adelaide last week. Donors have raised over $85,000 within two days for the family of the deceased.

The incident took place in Salisbury South in Adelaide on Friday, after an allegedly stolen SUV crashed into Jatinder Brar’s delivery truck, cutting short the young migrant’s life.

Jatinder Brar was 25 years old & was the only son of his mother. He has just completed his accounting degree last month & was about to travel back to India shortly to visit his mother. But his mother’s only support was snatched forever by this misfortune.

In order to meet the expenses of repatriating his body to India and offering financial aid to his mother and sister in India, an online fundraiser started by his friends that generated over $85,000 in less than 48 hours.

Mr. Brar’s friend Satnam Singh Dhillon told SBS Punjabi, “We are extremely thankful to all the generous donors who have come forward at this difficult time. Nothing can fill the void left by Jatinder’s death, but we can try to help his family in our own way,”

By the end of this week, Brar’s body is expected to be handed over to his friends and it will be then taken to his village in Faridkot district in Punjab, India.

One of his friends, Mr. Dhillon said, “I might travel to India with his cousin when the body is repatriated and will then hand over the cheque to his mother,”

“It’s a shocker for all of us. He doesn’t have a family here. We all lived like one,” his friend Bakhtiar Ahmed told 7 News.

The Police were chasing a 24-year-old woman who was behind the wheel of a stolen Ford Territory. Unfortunately, the pursuit was abandoned just minutes before the vehicle rammed into Mr. Brar’s truck and Brar died at the scene.

The SA Police said in a statement “Ten minutes prior to the crash, police engaged in a very brief pursuit with the stolen Ford Territory, but the pursuit was immediately terminated and the patrol lost sight of the car.  The car was not being pursued at the time of the crash,”.

A short time later the woman was arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving. Her bail was refused is pending in court today.