In British Columbia province nearly 56% of the residents are of the view that immigrants have a positive effect on the nation, according to the latest survey of Research Co.

Family Reunification and Refugee claimants were the 2 topics of Discussions pertaining to migration in Canada of late.

While 34% of residents of Alberta disagree with the view that hard work and talent of immigrants benefit Canada. It is 7 points higher than the national average as this proportion increases to 46% in British Colombia, as quoted by the CIC News.

Several factors including housing pressures and alien ownership can transform the local residents’ perception regarding immigration.

Going 10 years back, As the peak of the global financial crisis, BC Canada was amongst the provinces accepting high levels of immigration. It was way forward of the norms nationally acknowledging the advantages of immigrants.

Some immigrant’s think it has a negative impact on the nation that includes around 36% of the residents in Canada. On the other side, a larger percentage with 56% think it to have a chiefly positive impact.

A positive perception of immigration in Canada tends to possess a larger number of residents in each province surveyed. The biggest advocates of the existing state of affairs are:

  1. Canadians in the age range 18 to 34 years – 55% positive and 27% negative
  2. Quebecers in the age range 18 to 34 years – 52% positive and 30% negative

There are 2 groups, on the other hand, that are definitely more likely to doubt the advantages of immigration:

  1. Canadians in the age range 35 to 54 years – 39% positive and 39% negative
  2. Albertans in the age range 35 to 54 years – 41% positive and 42% negative