A $19 million plan will speed up Immigrant Visas for Regional Australia. Visa application process can now accelerate by skilled immigrants if they move to regional Australia.

David Coleman the Immigration Minister of Australia after the meeting of State and Territory Treasurers made the announcement for the initiative to discuss congestion issues and population growth.

This funds of $19 million will be utilized over 4 years. In order to assist local businesses in hiring more skilled workers, the officials of the Home Affairs Department will travel to regional Australia.

According to plan priority will be offered to processing the Immigrant Visas sponsored by employers in Regional Australia.

Immigrants can be asked to stay for 5 years in the regions as said by the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison in order to obtain the Australia PR Visa, he added.

In Canberra, Josh Frydenberg the Treasurer had a meeting with Treasurers, where they discussed the manner in which the responsibility of population change can be shared across the nation. The meeting mainly focused on easing infrastructure congestion.

2/3rds of the freshly arrived immigrants are moving to the Capital cities that specifically include Southeast Queensland, Melbourne, and Sydney as said by Frydenberg. This movement results in infrastructure pressures. Treasurer said, we have to send people at the destinations that have jobs. This needs cooperation across Territories and States, he added.