As per the latest National Statistics published by the UK Home Office on August 27, “Indian nationals saw a notable increase in the number of Tier 4 visas granted, more than doubling [up 121% to 48,297]” in the year ending June 2020 when compared to the year ending June 2019. The statistics reveal a continuing increase that has been witnessed since 2016.

2.1 million visas were granted in the year ending June 2020.

Reason %age of the total visas granted
Visit 72%
Study [excluding short-term study] 12%
Work 7%
Family 2%
Other reasons 7%

According to the official statistics, in the year ending June 2020, around 255,776 UK Tier 4 visas for sponsored studies were granted. This number includes the visas issued to the dependents of Tier 4 visa holders.

China was the nationality of most of the international students, accounting for almost 34% of the total US student visas issued in the year ending June 2020.

With a notable increase in the Tier 4 visas granted, Indian students were issued 48,297 of the total Tier 4 visas.

The majority of these UK study visas were granted in the period between July to September – that is, in the third quarter of the year. As such, the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic would not have been fully apparent at that time in 2019.

Generally, those coming to the UK on a student visa bring comparatively fewer dependant as against those coming to the country for the purposes of work overseas.

Top 5 nationalities granted UK Tier 4 [sponsored study] visas

Nationality Year ending June 2019 Year ending June 2020 Change %age change
China 107,555 86,651 -20,904 -19%
India 21,868 48,297 26,429 121%
US 15334 13,369 -1,965 -13%
Nigeria 7,132 9,066 1,934 27%
Hong Kong 9,106 9,021 -85 -1%
Other nationalities 91,940 89,372 -2,568 -3%
Total 252,935 255,776 2,841 1%


Additionally, there were also 60,285 short-term student visas granted in the same duration, that is, in the year ending June 2020.

In the year 2019, as many as 51,404 former Tier 4 visa holders got an extension of their UK stay, for reasons of further study, work, or marriage.